What’s new in the Eko App for Android

We’re always working to improve your experience with Eko. To experience these features and more, download the Eko App.

Here’s the latest:

Release 4.2.0 (October 2023)

  • Updated the wording on some of the screens to improve usability.

  • Removed the device audio filter setting from the App Settings screen because it’s now located directly on the Listen screen for easier access.

  • Internal improvements.

Release 4.1.0 (August 2023)

  • Recordings no longer continue to play back when the app is in the background.

  • Bug fixes.

Release 4.0.0 (June 2023)

The Eko App just got a major upgrade! Now you have more control with centralized features. We've listened to your feedback, and we're always working to improve your experience with Eko. Here's what's changed.

New centralized workflow

The new Listen screen consolidates the previous Exam and Record screens into one centralized place to auscultate, take recordings, or start a guided cardiac exam. The Listen screen is a flexible method for auscultating a range of body sounds. You can simply turn on your Eko device, open the Eko App, and start listening to body sounds once your device connects to the app. Learn more here.


The Spot Check feature has been removed. Instead, you'll find two choices for taking a recording or starting an exam.

The Quick Record feature has been renamed to Record and is a flexible way to take a recording. Learn more here. You now have a deeper level of control with these new recording settings on the Menu screen:

  • The Recording Analysis setting screens for abnormalities for every recording when turned on (default).

  • The Record Automatically setting shows only if you have Recording Analysis turned on. Turn on if you want the recording to begin automatically when a good signal is detected. Turn off if you want to start the recording yourself.


The Exam feature has not changed and guides you through a 4-point cardiac assessment. Learn more here.

Easier access to audio settings and filters

Now you have easy access to audio settings and audio filters, right on the Listen screen.


Tap the headphones icon to open the Audio Settings pop-up and turn on wireless listening.


Tap the audio filter icon to open the Device Filter Modes pop-up and change your audio filter. The icon shown on the Listen screen changes based on which filter is currently selected.


Added support for CORE 500™

Our new flagship device, the CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope, can be used in the Eko App. The Listen screen streams the 3-lead ECG and the phonocardiogram (PCG) from the CORE 500™.


The Eko App includes device settings for the CORE 500™ in the Menu screen, CORE 500 Settings section, such as:

  • Customize your device name with the Device Name setting.

  • Control whether the CORE 500™ touch sensor and sleep mode is on or off with the Touch to Power On setting.

  • Control whether or not the ECG displays on the CORE 500™ display screen with the Display ECG on Device setting.

  • Control how bright the screen is on the CORE 500™ with the Device Brightness setting.


Learn more about the CORE 500™ device settings here.

Other updates

  • New onboarding workflow for the CORE 500™ and improved Eko App onboarding.

  • In the Menu screen, improved the wording on the interface for the Help section that contains device guides, the Eko Help Center, and a way to contact Eko Customer Support. Previously the section was named Customer Support.

  • In the Menu screen, App Settings section, the Assign Patient at Start setting was removed from the app.

  • The Live Stream link now only shows for users who have permission to live stream.

Release 3.6.0 (February 2023)

  • Redesigned the graph for the waveform view to make the tracing more legible.

Release 3.5.0 (September 2022)

  • You can now take screenshots within our app.

  • Your list position in the assigned patients is now maintained so that you can easily find patients as you navigate back to the list.

  • The loading performance of the assigned patient list has been improved.

Release 3.4.0 (August 2022)

Option to remove patient information in reports

You can now select whether or not you want to include sensitive patient information, such as their name, MRN, and DOB, when sharing a report. The sharing feature has been enhanced with a new Omit Patient Information setting. You can either select the setting in the app settings or during the first time you’re sharing an assigned recording. The setting will stay turned on until you deselect it in the app settings.


This setting is off by default. You’ll need to turn on the setting to start using it.

Here’s how it works

In the app settings

1. Tap the Menu button in the bottom toolbar.


2. Tap App Settings.


3. Scroll down to Sharing Reports and toggle on Omit Patient Information. Patient information will be removed from all reports.


While sharing a recording for the first time

1. In an assigned recording, tap the Share button on the bottom left. A popup appears with the option to include or exclude patient information.


2. In the popup, tap Omit Patient Information. The report is created without the patient information and this setting is saved for future reports.


You can change this setting later in the app settings as described above.


Edit or delete notes after unassigned recording is saved

You can now edit or delete your notes after an unassigned recording or exam has been saved.

Here’s how it works

Swipe left on a note to edit or delete it.


Release 3.3.0 (July 2022)

Listen to recordings through stethoscope earpiece

You can now listen to recorded heart sounds through your stethoscope earpiece.

Here’s how it works

1. Connect your Eko device.

2. Record a patient’s heartbeat or tap the Patients button in the toolbar and find a previous recording.


3. Play back the recording or exam.

4. Listen to the recording through your stethoscope. A blue light appears on the CORE (pictured) or DUO to show that playback is working through the connected earpiece.


Manage audio settings from menu

You can now access and manage your audio settings from the menu.

Here’s how it works

1. Tap the Menu button in the bottom toolbar.


2. Tap App Settings.


3. Adjust your audio settings, such as selecting whether or not to play back recordings from headphones.


Improved performance

We’ve improved the loading performance of your assigned patients list so you can get to the information you need faster.


0001075 Rev.5.0

Date of Issue:

October 4, 2023

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