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Here’s the latest:

Release 2.21.0 (September 2023)

  • Program Admins can now re-send pending invitations to users. In the Program Details screen, there is a new Send another invitation email option.

  • The dark mode feature in the Dashboard settings has been removed because it was rarely used.

Release 2.19.0 (August 2023)

  • Now both normal and abnormal findings are shown. Previously, only abnormal findings were shown. This helps users see normal results and that an analysis happened.

  • Accessibility and interface improvements were made.

  • Fixed: When a recording was not found, a "Start Session" message appeared, which was confusing. A new "Not Found" message has been added.


Release 2.18.0 (July 2023)

  • Individual recordings that are part of exams now more clearly show that they’re part of an exam. Previously, the recordings were showing as individual recordings, even though they were part of an exam.

  • In the live streams list, the star button now pins favorites sites/clinicians to the top of the list. A new Favorites toggle has been added. When Favorites is turned on, only the starred items show on the screen.

  • On the connected device screen, the Live Stream Link now always shows, regardless of whether or not the live stream has started. The live stream link can now always be copied.


Release 2.17.2 (July 2023)

  • Fixed: Live stream link copy/paste functionality on Windows.

  • Fixed: Issues with the waveform graph.

Release 2.17.1 (July 2023)

  • Fixed: Improved live stream performance.

Release 2.17.0 (June 2023)

The EHR ID shows in the Program Details screen.

  • Institutions with EHR integration can now enter an EHR ID for accounts that need to sign in via EHR. A new EHR ID field has been added to the Add Clinician and Edit Clinician screens for these institutions.

  • On the Analysis Metrics screen, the % Without Findings metric has been removed.

  • On the Analysis Metrics screen, a new Download Data button has been added so that users can download the analysis data in a .CSV file.


Release 2.16.0 (June 2023)

  • Refreshed the application interface with usability improvements and simplified navigation sidebar.

  • The waveform graph is now larger.

Release 2.15.0 (April 2023)

  • On the Dashboard screen for a live stream-based program, the welcome banner text has been improved to give the highlights of this type of program. This is shown to users who sign in to the Dashboard for the first time.

  • The Support screen has been renamed to "Help" and the text has been improved. Updated support contact info has been added for enterprise customers.

Release 2.14.0 (March 2023)

  • When users try to add a duplicated site or clinician to an institution, now a message appears informing them that the site or clinician already exists. Users must add a unique site or clinician to proceed.

  • On the All Users screen, Institution Admins will now be shown with All Programs listed in the Programs column. The Manage Programs option has also been turned off for Institution Admins because they have access to all programs by default.

  • When assigning a site or clinician to a program, there's a new Select All option so that all programs can be assigned at once.

  • On the All Users screen, the number of users will now be refreshed after adding a new user. Deleted users will no longer count towards the number of users.


Release 2.13.0 (February 2023)

  • When creating a new patient, the Potential Match Results screen has been enhanced with a new Add to Program button. This button shows when an existing patient belongs to another program. When the button is clicked, the patient is assigned to both programs and the complete patient history, including recordings, is shown in both programs.

  • The customer support email address shown in the Customer Support screen has been updated.


Release 2.12.0 (January 2023)

Programs can now be deactivated

Institution Admins can now deactivate a program without reaching out to Eko customer support. In the Program Details screen, you click Edit, then a new Deactivate link shows on the Edit Program screen.

Deactivated programs will still be shown on the All Programs screen, but with an Inactive status. The Program Details screen will no longer be shown for deactivated programs.


All programs deactivated

If all programs in an active institution are deactivated:

  • The Institution Admin will still have access to the Dashboard. They can see all deactivated programs and users, but won't be able to view information for the programs such as assigned recordings, patients, analysis metrics, and so on.

  • The Institution Admin can create new programs and assign new and existing users to the new programs.

  • All other users, such as Program Admins, clinicians, and sites, won't have access to the Dashboard because they're not assigned to an active program. If they try to sign in, a message explains that their Institution Admin needs to assign them to a program.

Enhanced information for sites password reset

If a user tries to reset the password for a site account that ends in .ekodevices.com, a new message shows explaining that the user must contact an admin to reset the password. The admin will also receive a password reset email.


Release 2.11.0 (December 5, 2022)

New programs can be automatically created

Now Institution Admins can create new programs on the Dashboard without the assistance of Eko support. This functionality is available for institutions that already have at least one program created.

On the All Programs screen, the Request New Program button has been renamed to Create New Program. When clicked, a Create New Program panel opens, and you can enter the program details.

If your institution doesn’t have a program, you can submit a request to Eko to create the program for you. After you click Create New Program, a pop up appears for submitting the request. Click Submit Request.


New user count functionality

The All Users screen now shows:

  • The maximum number of users that can be created in your institution’s plan.

  • The total number of users you’ve created for your institution.

  • The number of clinicians you’ve created for your institution. This number and the sites number are added together to create the total Used number.

  • The number of sites you’ve created for your institution. This number and the clinicians number are added together to create the total Used number.

If a clinician has been invited to join the institution, but they haven’t created their account yet, their status will show as Pending. The pending invitation counts towards the Used number.


If the maximum number of users in the institution’s plan have been reached, the Institution Admins and Program Admins won’t be able to invite clinicians or create new sites. In this case, a pop up message displays to inform the user.


Patient profile duplicate check

The system now checks for duplicate patient profiles when a new patient is being created in the Dashboard. If there’s an existing patient profile that matches any of the patient identifiers (name, MRN, and so on), you’ll see a list of possible matches from all patients across the institution. You can then select to add an existing patient to your program or continue to create a new patient.


Release 2.10.0 (November 9, 2022)

New analysis metrics screen

For institutions that have recording-based programs and Eko analysis, a new analysis metrics dashboard has been added to the Program section of the Dashboard. Institution Admins and Program Admins can view the Analysis Metrics screen. There must be at least one active program for the screen to be available.

How it works

The Analysis Metrics screen provides insight into how many positive findings have been captured while using Eko devices. The data on this screen shows:

  • The total number of recordings taken by sites within a program.

  • The number of positive findings (murmur detected, bradycardia, tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation).

  • The percent without findings (the number of recordings that resulted in a poor heart sound signal).

You can also view findings at the recording level and filter by findings in the table. This screen can be filtered to show data from the past 30 days or it can be set to show all data.

How to access

You can access the Analysis Metrics screen by signing in to your institution and clicking on Program, Analysis Metrics.


Release 2.9.0 (October 10, 2022)

Here’s the latest:

  • Only patients that belong to the institution will be visible to users within the institution. If a patient is moved to their institution, users can add them as a new patient in the Dashboard. For best practices around creating patient profiles, see Add and manage patient profiles in the Dashboard.

  • The site name will now appear consistently across the Eko platform.

  • The email that is sent to an Institution Admin after an institution has been activated has been improved with clearer text and instructions.

Release 2.8.0 (September 8, 2022)

Updated reset password screen

The Reset your Password screen has been redesigned.


Updated email and password settings

On the Dashboard account Settings screen, the user’s email address is now locked down and can’t be edited. The change password fields have been removed and replaced with a new Reset Password button. When a user clicks the button, an email is sent to the user with instructions for resetting the password.


In the email, the user clicks the RESET PASSWORD button, which opens the Reset your Password screen.


On the Reset your Password screen, the user enters and confirms the new password, and clicks Update Password. The user is then directed to the Dashboard sign-in screen.


Display gender on patient profile

The gender identity is now shown on a patient’s profile, if one is entered for the patient.


Edit the position on a recording

The position on a recording can now be edited by clicking the position, which opens the Select a Position panel on the right.


Display status of program on All Programs screen

The All Programs screen now shows the status of the programs. This is only visible to Institution Admins and when programs are turned on for the institution.


Release 2.7.0 (August 11, 2022)


screen updated

To prepare for upcoming enhancements, the Dashboard sign-in screen has been redesigned and the option to create an account from this screen has been removed. Individual users who aren’t part of an organization can still create an account on the Eko mobile app. After the account is created, they can then sign in to the Dashboard. 

Administrators who are part of an organization can use the Dashboard to invite members to create an account as part of their institution. This sends an invitation email to the new user with a link to a Create an Account screen. If you’re an administrator, we request that you don’t share the link to the Create an Account screen with other users. Please invite new members through the Dashboard.


Start recording from a patient’s profile

Any user with access to the Dashboard can now start a recording from a patient’s profile with a new Start a Recording button. Any recordings taken by the transmitter or listener will be automatically assigned to that patient. On the recording details screen, the patient’s name, MRN, and the date/time of the recording are shown. 

If recordings or web pairing isn’t allowed for your account, the Start a Recording button won’t be shown on a patient’s profile. In the recording findings, AI is only applied if the recording was initiated by the listener.

Here’s how it works

  1. Find and open the patient’s profile.

  2. To the right of the patient’s name, click Start a Recording. The web pairing screen appears.

  3. Select the device you want to pair and click Pair.

  4. The web pairing screen appears with the patient’s information at the top.


Usability improvements

Improved toggle design

On screens where you can select to view a list of sites or clinicians, we’ve updated the toggle for an improved user experience.


Improved notes display

Now the notes for a recording appear above the graph area of the screen so that you can easily reference the waveform when creating or viewing notes.



340 Rev.8.0

Date of Issue:

September 13, 2023

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