Set up wireless listening for hearing loss or headphones

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✓ Enterprise institutions with a subscription to the SENSORA™ platform

If you're a customer who purchased your own Eko device, go to the Eko Help Center.

You can use wireless listening for real-time streaming of stethoscope sounds to Bluetooth-enabled audio devices such as hearing aids or headphones/earbuds. We recommend using high-quality headphones for optimal heart sounds as audio may play back poorly otherwise.

Wireless listening works for these Eko devices:

  • CORE 500™

  • CORE™ (2nd generation)

  • DUO™ (2nd generation)



Wireless listening can also be a safeguard from infectious disease.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Open the Eko App.

  2. Turn on your Eko device and connect it with the Eko App.

  3. Connect your Bluetooth-enabled headphones/earbuds, hearing aids, or speakers to your mobile device.


    We recommend only having two Bluetooth devices simultaneously connected so that you have a strong wireless connectivity.

  4. In the Eko App, tap Listen.

  5. Tap the headphones icon. The Audio settings screen slides open.

  6. Turn on Wireless listening, adjust volume boost as needed, then swipe down on the gray bar to close the panel.

  7. Adjust the volume settings on your mobile device to listen to heart and lung sounds through your hearing aids or headphones.


    With this setup, if you adjust the volume on the Eko device itself, it won't affect the volume that you hear because the device volume is only applicable for attached stethoscope earpieces.

Set up stethoscope for wireless listening (optional)

You can set up wireless listening without the stethoscope earpiece attached. This is good for cases where you may be exposed to infectious disease or don't want to use the tubing because you wish to stay at a safe and respectable distance from the patient.


Here's how:

  1. On a fully assembled CORE 500™ stethoscope, twist the earpiece counterclockwise for a quarter turn until it unlocks. Unplug the earpiece. See CORE 500™ earpiece.

  2. On a fully assembled CORE™ stethoscope, remove the tubing by either unscrewing the barb/tubing from the bottom of the CORE or pulling the tubing off of the barb.

  3. On a fully assembled DUO™, unscrew the tubing from the device.

  4. Put a surgical glove, cover, or stethoscope sleeve of your choice on the CORE 500™, CORE™ or DUO™ so that the entire device is covered. This can be changed between patients. You can also clean the device with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes (don't submerge the Eko device in liquid).



    Examples of stethoscope covers are and

  5. Ausculate the patient.




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Date of Issue:

October 4, 2023

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