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✓ Plan: SENSORA™ platform for enterprise institutions

✓ Role: Institution Admin

The Eko Dashboard is a tool to help you manage your patients, sites, and related data. You use it to:

  • Manage all users in a program.

  • Assign one or more clinicians to be a Program Admin for a program.

  • View and use all functionality enabled for the institution.

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How to access the Dashboard

An Eko account should have been created for you by an Eko representative. You should have received an email confirming your account and prompting you to change the password.

Sign in to the Dashboard here, or you can find it on the Eko SENSORA™ website by clicking Dashboard Sign-In on the top right.


About programs

Programs help you organize and manage clinician access, live streams, and patient recordings based on your institution’s needs. Programs can be based on location, specialty, diagnoses, and so on. It’s up to your institution to decide how to set up programs.

There are two types of programs:

Live stream-based program

Used for live streaming use cases where the patient and the provider are in a virtual visit together at the same time. The Dashboard screen shows the list of live streams available to the user based on the program they’re viewing.


Recording-based program

Used for recording use cases where the patient may have metrics captured at one time that are uploaded and then reviewed by a provider later. The Dashboard screen shows the list of recent recordings that have been taken by users that belong to the program the user is viewing.


Tour of the Dashboard

Let’s take a tour of the screens you have access to in the Dashboard.

All Programs

The All Programs screen shows the capabilities that have been turned on for your institution at the top of the screen. It's accessed by clicking Admin, Programs. You can create a new program from this screen.


The table shows the list of programs that have been created for your institution. You can view:

  • The name of the program.

  • Its status.

  • The date it was created.

  • The number of clinicians and sites in the program.

  • The names of the clinicians who have been assigned the Program Admin role.

Click a program’s row in the table to open the Program Details screen, which shows more information about the program.

The Eko Dashboard showing the All Programs screen with the All Programs navigation item highlighted.

All Users

The All Users screen shows all of the clinicians and sites that belong to your institution. It's accessed by clicking Admin, Programs.


At the top of the screen, you can view:

  • The maximum number of users that can be created in your institution’s plan.

  • The total number of users you’ve created for your institution.

  • The number of clinicians you’ve created for your institution. This number and the sites number are added together to create the total Used number.

  • The number of sites you’ve created for your institution. This number and the clinicians number are added together to create the total Used number.

In the table, you can view:

  • The name of the user.

  • The type (site or clinician).

  • The user's email address.

  • The programs users are assigned to.

  • Date of a user's last sign-in.

You can also assign and reassign users to programs and delete users. The table can be filtered to show all users, users that have been assigned to programs, or users that haven’t been assigned to programs.

The Eko Dashboard showing the All Users screen with the All Users navigation item highlighted.


In the Dashboard section of the navigation bar, the view changes based on whether or not the selected program is live stream-based or recording-based.


Live stream-based dashboard

The dashboard for the live stream program shows the list of live streams you can join. You can:

  • Select whether to view the live streams for sites or clinicians.

  • Search for a specific user.

  • Click the star icon to favorite the live streams you join most often.

  • Click the Favorites toggle to only show the starred items.


Recording-based dashboard

The dashboard for the recording program displays a list of sites you’ve selected as a favorite.

The second table shows the list of recordings that have been taken within the past 14 days.



The Patients screen shows the list of patients assigned to the program you are viewing.


By default, the table will be populated by active patients. You can search by patient name or filter the table to show archived patients, active patients, or all patients for the program. Clicking a row in the table will direct you to the patient profile.


This screen is only visible if recordings are turned on for your institution.


Unassigned Recordings

The Unassigned Recordings screen shows a list of recordings that haven’t been assigned to a patient profile. The list only shows the recordings that the signed-in user created. It doesn’t show all of the unassigned recordings for the entire program.


Analysis Metrics

The Analysis Metrics screen provides insight into how many positive findings have been captured while using Eko devices. This screen is only available if your institution has recording-based programs and Eko analysis. There must be at least one active program for the screen to be available.


The data on this screen shows:

  • The total number of recordings taken by sites within a program.

  • The number of positive findings (murmur detected, bradycardia, tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation).

You can also view findings at the recording level and filter by findings in the table. This screen can be filtered to show data from the past 30 days or it can be set to show all data. You can download the analysis data in a .CSV file with the Download Data button.


Live Stream

The Live Stream section is used to connect to a live stream. This is only accessible for recording-based programs where the institution has live streaming turned on. For live streaming-based programs, this section is disabled because this information is already shown in the Dashboard section.


Eko Device

The Eko Device section is used to connect to an Eko device through web pairing, which is essential for live streaming and taking recordings on the Dashboard. This feature is only supported on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.


Program Details

The Program Details screen shows information about the program, such as:

  • Number of users in the program.

  • Names of the Program Admins.

  • Capabilities the users have access to.


Click the Switch button to switch to a different program, if you have more than one.

The table can be filtered to show the list of sites or clinicians that belong to the program. You use this screen to add and manage sites and clinicians and to assign program admins. You can edit the name of the program.

Program Details showing sites:


Program Details showing clinicians:




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Date of Issue:

September 18, 2023

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