What's included in your CORE 500™ box

Who is this for?

✓ Enterprise institutions with a subscription to the SENSORA™ platform

If you're a customer who purchased your own Eko device, go to the Eko Help Center.

Your CORE 500™ comes packaged in 2 boxes. Here’s what’s included.

Chestpiece box

  • 1 CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope chestpiece.

  • 1 USB-C cable.

  • 10 alcohol wipes.

  • 1 Quick Start Guide.


Earpiece box

  • 1 Eko earpiece.

  • 4 silicone rubber ear tips (2 large, 2 small). The large ear tips are assembled on the product and the small ear tips are included in the box.




0002032 Rev.1.0

Date of Issue:

June 26, 2023

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