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✓ Enterprise institutions with a subscription to the SENSORA™ platform

If you're a customer who purchased your own Eko device, go to the Eko Help Center.

The CORE 500™ screen shows various icons or messages as you use the device. Here you'll find descriptions for:

To learn more about the screen when in use on patients, see Understanding the CORE 500™ screen.

Results descriptions

Abnormal rhythm (unclassified)

An abnormal rhythm was found but couldn't be classified. The abnormal rhythm is not AFib.


AFib detected

Atrial fibrillation was detected.


Analysis unavailable

The recording was saved, but an AI analysis result didn't work.


You can try to retake the recording and get an analysis result.


Bradycardia detected

Bradycardia was detected.



If you're taking a single recording, this means the recording is complete. You'll see this message when AI analysis is turned off in your Eko App settings.

If you're taking a full cardiac exam, this means the exam is complete. You'll need to see the results in the Eko App.


Multiple findings

At least two of the following findings were found:

You'll need to use the Eko App to see the findings.


Murmur detected

The presence of a heart murmur was detected.


No abnormalities

Eko AI analysis did not identify any of the abnormalities that it’s capable of detecting, such as:


Poor signal

The CORE 500™ didn't capture a good enough PCG and/or ECG signal for analysis results.

See Best practices for audio and ECG quality with the CORE 500™.


Saving failed

The recording wasn’t saved due to a network connection error, and there's no AI analysis result. Check your network settings and try again.


You can open the Eko App and manually try to upload the recording to the app. A message appears with an option to either retry the upload or cancel the recording.


Tachycardia detected

Tachycardia was detected.


General states of the screen


If Eko AI analysis is turned on, this screen shows after a recording is taken. The analysis result follows this screen.


Battery low

The battery is critically low and the device needs to be recharged. Here's how.

This screen is also shown for 2 seconds when turning on the device if:

  • The battery is low. The default screen of the device in resting state then appears.

  • The battery is critical. If there’s not enough power, the device turns off.


Blank screen

The device is either turned off, in sleep mode, or out of battery charge. This screen also shows when the device is being charged. After 10 seconds of charging time, the screen turns off. The device continues to charge when the display is off. You can press any button to turn on the screen and see the charge percentage.



The device is being charged and can't be used. Learn about battery and charging.



This screen shows when you are connecting your CORE 500™ for the first time with the Eko App via Bluetooth. The first time you use the app on a mobile device that's new to the CORE 500™, you'll be guided through a series of steps to set up your device. When prompted with this screen, press the button on the side of the device that corresponds to the check mark. After this initial connection, the Eko App remembers the CORE 500™ and connects automatically.

If you reject the connection to the Eko App by pressing the button corresponding to the X, the CORE 500™ disconnects from Bluetooth and returns to the main display screen. The connection with the mobile device isn't created and the CORE 500™ remains unknown by the Eko App. This screen reappears every time you try to connect to the Eko App, until you accept the connection.


Connect device to app

The device has never been connected to the Eko App via Bluetooth pairing. Connect the device to the Eko App to use all features of the app. Here's how.


Eko logo

The Eko logo shows up when you turn on or reboot the device, or when you wake it from sleep.


Firmware update

This screen shows when the CORE 500™ is undergoing a firmware update. Eko periodically releases new features to improve your stethoscope. You'll be notified of any device updates when you connect your CORE 500™ to the Eko App. The updates are done through the app. 

A lightning bolt icon shows when the device is plugged into the charger.


The screen shows only the box and arrow when the device has manually been entered into firmware update mode. To exit this screen if this mode is entered unintentionally, see CORE 500™ firmware update (box with arrow).


Recording playback

This screen shows when you're playing back a recording on the Eko App and it’s audible through the CORE 500™ earpiece.



The device is going into sleep mode after a period of not being used.

The CORE 500™ automatically goes to sleep after a short period of not being used. Pick it up on the neck of the chestpiece to wake it up. There is a black sensor on the underside of the device face's lip, under the volume button. Touching this will wake the device as you naturally grasp it.

See Turn on and off the CORE 500™.


Temperature error

A thermometer shows on the screen when the device's temperature is either too low or too high to charge. The device must be in a temperature range between 32° F / 0° C and 113° F / 45° C to be able to charge.


Turn off confirmation

This screen confirms that you want to turn off the CORE 500™ and shows after you press the top and volume up buttons at the same time. To confirm, press the top side button. To cancel turning off the device, press the bottom side button.

See Turn on and off the CORE 500™.




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Date of Issue:

July 20, 2023

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