CORE 500™ earpiece

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✓ Enterprise institutions with a subscription to the SENSORA™ platform

If you're a customer who purchased your own Eko device, go to the Eko Help Center.

The CORE 500™ includes an earpiece that can be securely attached to the chestpiece with a locking mechanism.


The earpiece has been designed with in-ear speakers to provide clear, low frequency reproduction of body sounds. Silicone ear tips and optimized acoustic design provide increased noise reduction and enhanced sound quality.


The CORE 500™ has a 3.5mm audio jack that can be used with either the included earpiece or any wired audio device with a standard 3.5mm plug. We recommend using the provided earpiece with the CORE 500™ for best audio quality.

The CORE 500™ can also be used with wireless listening devices, such as hearing aids or Bluetooth headphones, connected through the Eko App. For best audio quality while using the Eko App, it’s not recommended to listen through the mobile device’s in-built speaker.


If using other headphones, insertable earbuds provide the best sound quality.

Attach earpiece

  1. Plug the earpiece into the CORE 500™. The mark on the CORE 500™ socket should align with the right-side mark on the earpiece plug.

  2. Twist the earpiece clockwise with a quarter turn until it locks.


    The mark on the CORE 500™ socket should align with the left-side mark on the earpiece plug.



Do not use excessive force when twisting the earpiece.

Detach earpiece

  1. Twist the earpiece counterclockwise with a quarter turn until it unlocks.

  2. Remove the earpiece from the CORE 500™.



Use the right ear tip size. Try out the small or large ear tips for the best fit.



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Date of Issue:

June 26, 2023

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