CORE 500™ volume control

Who is this for?

✓ Enterprise institutions with a subscription to the SENSORA™ platform

If you're a customer who purchased your own Eko device, go to the Eko Help Center.

The CORE 500™'s sound level can be amplified in 7 increments. Here's how.

Change the volume

Press the up or down buttons on the side of the CORE 500™to change the volume one increment at a time. Hold the up or down buttons to continuously increase or decrease the volume.


Volume with the Eko App

When listening to sounds wirelessly through headphones connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth, you can adjust the volume by pressing the volume buttons:

  • On the CORE 500™ chestpiece.

  • Or on your mobile device.

When listening through the CORE 500™ earpiece, the volume must be adjusted using the volume buttons on the CORE 500™ chestpiece.


0002049 Rev.1.0

Date of Issue:

June 26, 2023

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