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✓ Plan: SENSORA™ platform for enterprise institutions

✓ Role: Institution Admin, Program Admin

You use the Analysis Metrics screen to get insight into how many positive findings have been captured while using Eko devices. There must be at least one active program for the screen to be available. The data only shows for recordings taken by sites within a program, not by individual clinicians.

The data on this screen shows:

  • The total number of recordings taken.

  • The number of positive findings.

  • The breakdown of the positive findings by murmur detected, bradycardia, tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation (AFib).

  • The list of patients from whom the data is based on.

The Eko Dashboard showing the Analysis Metrics screen.

Filter data by date

  1. To filter the data from the past 30 days, at the top of the screen, click 30 days.

  2. To filter all data, click View All.

The Analysis Metrics screen with a number 1 bubble pointing to the 30 days filter and a number 2 bubble pointing to the View All filter.

Filter data by findings

To filter the data more specifically by findings,

  1. Click the Filter by Findings drop-down.

  2. Select one or more types of findings.

  3. Click Filter. The dashboard only shows the metrics for the selected types of findings.

The Analysis Metrics screen with the Filter by Findings drop-down menu highlighted.

Filter by patient

To filter the dashboard by patient, in the Search by MRN box, enter the patient’s MRN number.

The Analysis Metrics screen with a number 1 bubble pointing to the Search by MRN search box.


0001922 Rev2.0

Date of Issue:

September 18, 2023

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