DUO troubleshooting guide

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✓ Enterprise institutions with a subscription to the SENSORA™ platform

If you need help:

  • If you're an admin with your institution, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

  • If you're a clinician or site with your institution, contact support.

If you're a customer who purchased your own Eko device, go to the Eko Help Center.

Here you’ll find information about what to do if something goes wrong, such as the Eko DUO™ not performing as expected. Below are simple steps to follow to help you get back on track.

Preliminary troubleshooting

Triaging issues with the Eko DUO™


Preliminary troubleshooting

This preliminary check makes sure that you have a smooth session with the patient. If there are issues, you can catch them privately and follow this troubleshooting guide before you need to meet with the patient.

Before your patient exams, check the DUO™ and Eko App.

  1. Turn them on.

  2. Connect them.

  3. Make sure the DUO™ and your mobile device are fully charged.

  4. Make sure you can see the PCG and/or ECG waveforms in the app when you start a cardiac exam or recording.

Below is a list of potential issues you might see and how to respond.


Possible case

Your response


Audio playing on loop (not stopping or responding).

  1. Turn off, turn on again, and retry.

  2. If this still happens, use a backup device and contact Eko support.

Eko App

Not responding, responding slowly, or crashing.

  1. “Kill” app and reopen it.

Eko App

See “weak Bluetooth” warning messages.

  1. Confirm no other devices are connected to Bluetooth, and disconnect them if there are.

  2. Confirm you're connected to Wi-Fi.

  3. Confirm there's no physical obstruction between the Eko DUO™ and the Eko App.

  4. Try to keep Eko devices at least 2 meters away from all radio frequency emitters, including Wi-Fi routers, and radios.

  5. Limit the distance between Eko DUO™ and the Eko App.

Eko App

Recording fails because of “weak Bluetooth” connection.


Triaging issues with the DUO™

If something isn’t working right, it’s best to start from the beginning and follow this sequence of Yes/No questions to pinpoint where the issue might be.


1. Is the device charged?

What should happen




Lights appear when device is charging. Lights turn off when device is fully charged.


Go to 4.

Go to 2.


2. Is the device able to charge?

What should happen




LED circle lights up while charging.


Issue resolved.

  1. Try different charging cable.

  2. If still no, go to 3.


3. Is the device on charger face up?

Possible outcomes




Is device on charger with the action button facing up?


Contact Eko support with what you've experienced.

Flip the device over, issue resolved.


4. Does the device turn on?

What should happen




LED blinks white.


Go to 6.

Go to 5.


5. What are you experiencing?


Possible outcomes




The action button seems stuck, unable to press.

  1. Contact Eko support with what you've experienced.

  2. Use a backup device.

Action button doesn’t seem stuck, but doesn’t turn on.


6. Does the device connect with the Eko App?

See Connect a device with the Eko App.

What should happen




App finds device, asks to connect, DUO LED turns solid white.


Go to 8.

  1. Is Bluetooth turned on?

  2. If yes, go to 7.

  3. If no, turn on Bluetooth, issue resolved.


7. Are any of these true?

Possible cases



Anything else connected to Bluetooth? Check your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.

Disconnect others and retry.

Continue to question below.

Is mobile device connected to Wi-Fi?

Go to 12.

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi from your mobile device’s settings.

  2. Turn off/on mobile device and retry.

  3. If still not pairing, go to 12.


8. Are waveform lines present on Eko App recording screen?

What should happen




1 ECG line (top) and 1 PCG line (bottom).


Go to 9.

  1. If you can hear heart sounds through earpiece, go to 12.

  2. If you can’t hear heart sounds through earpiece, contact Eko support and use backup device.


9. Does waveform line respond (create noise lines) when you move device against a surface?

What should happen




Responds with noisy signal on recording screen.


Go to 10.

Go to 12.


10. Are you able to hear heart sounds through the earpiece?

What should happen




Hear heart sounds, see ECG and PCG signals on app.


Go to 11.

  1. If no, is volume turned up?

  2. If volume is turned up, is the DUO placed directly on the patient’s skin and not over clothing?

  3. If yes, contact Eko support and use backup device.


11. Are you able to make and save a recording?

What should happen



Able to follow all instructions in these help articles:

No issue.

Go to 12.


12. Contact Eko support

If none of these troubleshooting guidelines have helped, please contact Eko support.



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Date of Issue:

July 20, 2023

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