Take a recording with the Eko App

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✓ Plan: SENSORA™ platform for enterprise institutions

✓ Role: Clinician, Site

Take a recording with the Eko App

The Record feature in the Eko App is a flexible way for taking recordings for a range of body sounds. Some examples for using it are:

  • Recording a range of heart, lung, or bowel sounds.

  • Recording a potential abnormality you might have heard while auscultating.

  • Exporting PDF reports that can be shared with colleagues or uploaded to compatible electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

  • Educational purposes.

  • Veterinary care.

The Recording screen for the CORE 500™

How it works

You can use the Listen screen to first auscultate, and then choose to record what you hear. The recording shows on the summary screen when the recording is complete. From this screen, you can manage the recording by sharing it, adding notes, assigning it to a patient profile, and so on.


You can manually stop the recording at any time. However, if you want AI analysis results included, the recording length must be at least 15 seconds.

Recording settings

With these recording settings on the Eko App Menu screen, you can customize how your recordings are taken.

  • The Recording Analysis setting screens for abnormalities for every recording when turned on (default).

  • The Record Automatically setting shows only if you have Recording Analysis turned on. Turn on if you want the recording to begin automatically when a good signal is detected. Turn off if you want to start the recording yourself.

  • In the App Settings section, the Recording Length setting controls the recording length of time. Select from the various options.


To learn more about managing settings in the Eko App, see Manage account, app, and device settings on the Eko App.


Record from the Eko device

You can also start a recording from the Eko device instead of from the app. This way you can keep your mobile device in your pocket, if you choose. Learn how here:


Overall steps

Here are the overall steps for taking a recording:


1. Turn on and connect the Eko device

The Eko App should automatically connect your Eko device via Bluetooth pairing after the first time you use the app. If you need help with connecting your device, see instructions here.


2. Start the recording


The images shown below are for the CORE 500™. What is shown on the waveform, such as PCG or ECG, varies by Eko device. 

  1. On the Eko App, tap Listen on the bottom toolbar.

  2. If needed, tap the headphones icon to turn on wireless listening.


    The Audio Settings screen opens. Adjust the settings as needed, then swipe down on the gray bar to close the panel.

  3. If needed, tap the audio filter icon to change your audio filter.


    The Audio Filter screen opens. Tap the audio filter you want to change to, then swipe down on the gray bar to close the panel.

  4. Place the device on the patient. When you’re ready to start the recording, tap Record, or, if you have the Record Automatically setting turned on, the recording starts when a good signal is detected. The screen shows the recording progress.



    Have your patient remain still and quiet to capture a high quality recording.

  5. To manually stop the recording before the timer ends, tap Stop. Otherwise, the recording automatically stops after the length of time selected in the Recording Length setting.



    To get AI analysis findings, make sure to take a recording that is at least 15 seconds long.

  6. When the recording is complete, it shows on the summary screen.


3. Manage the recording

You can manage details of the recording immediately after the recording is taken, on the quick record summary screen. Or, you can save the recording by tapping Done and add details later. If you don’t assign a patient, the recording will be saved in the unassigned recordings.

See Manage patients and recordings on the Eko App.




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September 27, 2023

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