Take a guided cardiac exam with the Eko App

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✓ Plan: SENSORA™ platform for enterprise institutions

✓ Role: Clinician, Site

The cardiac exam feature in the Eko App guides you through a 4-point cardiac assessment in these areas of the chest:

  • Right Upper Sternal Border (RUSB)

  • Left Upper Sternal Border (LUSB)

  • Left Lower Sternal Border (LLSB)

  • APEX


How it works

You can use the Listen screen to first auscultate, and then choose to start the guided cardiac exam. The Eko App guides you through each auscultation position starting with the RUSB. Use the included visual as a placement reference. If you need to skip a position, tap Skip Position.

The Eko AI analysis automatically checks for signs of heart disease at every position. Results show on the cardiac exam summary screen when all four positions are complete. From this screen, you can manage the exam by sharing it, adding notes, assigning it to a patient profile, and so on. Recordings are also automatically taken for every position.

Overall steps

Here are the overall steps for taking a cardiac exam:


1. Turn on and connect the Eko device

The Eko App should automatically connect your Eko device via Bluetooth pairing after the first time you use the app. 


2. Start the cardiac exam


The images shown below are for the CORE 500™. What is shown on the waveform, such as PCG or ECG, varies by Eko device.

  1. On the Eko App, tap Listen on the bottom toolbar.

  2. If needed, tap the headphones icon to turn on wireless listening.


    The Audio Settings screen opens. Adjust the settings as needed, then swipe down on the gray bar to close the panel.

  3. If needed, tap the audio filter icon to change your audio filter.



    If you have a CORE 500™, changing the audio filter in the Eko App will also visibly change the audio filter on the CORE 500™ display screen. See CORE 500™ audio filters.

    The Audio Filter screen opens. Tap the audio filter you want to change to, then swipe down on the gray bar to close the panel.

  4. When you're ready to start the exam, tap Start Exam.


    The placement screen for the RUSB position appears.

  5. Recording begins when a good signal is detected for the RUSB position.

  6. If you need to restart the recording for the position, tap Restart.

  7. When the RUSB recording is complete, the exam automatically changes to the LUSB, then the LLSB, and finally, the APEX.

  8. When the exam is complete, the results show on the summary screen.


3. Manage the exam

You can manage details of the exam immediately after the exam is taken, on the exam summary screen. Or, you can save the exam by tapping End Exam and add details later. If you don’t assign a patient, the recording will be saved in the unassigned recordings.

See Manage patients and recordings on the Eko App.




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Date of Issue:

June 26, 2023

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