Review and acknowledge recordings

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✓ Plan: SENSORA™ platform for enterprise institutions

✓ Role: Clinician, Site


This feature is only available if your institution has enabled it.

You can acknowledge that you’ve reviewed a recording if your institution requires that recordings are reviewed and signed off by a credentialed clinician. Your Program Admin must assign this role to you. You can only acknowledge recordings that other clinicians have taken, and the recording must be assigned to a patient profile.

Acknowledge a recording

  1. On the navigation bar, click Patients. The Patients screen opens.

  2. Search or filter for the patient profile.

  3. Click the patient profile to open it. The patient profile opens with any recordings listed in the table.

  4. Select the recording to review. The recording opens.

  5. Click Play to play back the recording and review any other details.

  6. Click Acknowledge.

  7. The recording now shows that it’s been acknowledged.


LBL370 Rev.A

Date of Issue August 31, 2022

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